About the Artist

Laura Latimer creates artworks that explore our ever-growing footprint on the planet and the impact of human construction on biological systems. Her studio practice focuses on sculpture, large-scale installation, and experimental photography.

Laura earned her BFA in 2005 from Texas State University. She has constructed site-specific sculptural installations for public, non-profit, and traditional art spaces including temporary works for Northern-Southern Gallery’s series of outdoor art interventions in Austin, Dimension Gallery in Austin, Mineral School Residency in Washington state, Box 13 ArtSpace in Houston, Clamp Light Gallery in San Antonio, and Austin City Hall. Her artworks have been exhibited at the Illinois State Museum, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, IN, and throughout Texas. She recently installed two diorama works as a collaborating artist for Meow Wolf Grapevine – opening in summer 2023. Laura is now living and working in the charming county of Derbyshire, UK.


2023     Collaborating Artist, Meow Wolf – Grapevine TX
2021     TO > TOO > TOOO, temporary art curated by Northern-Southern Gallery, Austin TX
2020     No Outlet, temporary outdoor art curated by Northern-Southern Gallery
2020     On the Plight of the Primrose, site-specific installation, Dimension Gallery, Austin TX
2019     Niche Construction, solo exhibition, Dimension Gallery
2019     Intersectionality of Inquiry, Clamp Light Gallery, San Antonio TX
2019     ‘Eyes Got It’ Group Hug 8, Mantle Art Space, San Antonio TX / Big Medium, Austin TX
2019     Mineral School Residency, Mineral WA

Virtual Installation Tour (video clip)
Artist Interview (video clip)

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