About the Artist

Laura Latimer creates artworks that explore our ever-growing footprint on the planet and the impact of human construction on biological systems. She established her full-time studio practice in 2012, focusing primarily on sculpture and large-scale installation work.

Returning to school after years spent in the corporate world, Laura earned her BFA in 2005 from Texas State University. She has constructed site-specific installations at Austin City Hall, Cloud Tree Gallery in Austin, and Box 13 ArtSpace in Houston. Her work has been exhibited at the Illinois State Museum, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, IN, and throughout Texas. Most recently, she was selected by Dimension Gallery as a 2019/2020 Fellowship Artist, completed a Hinge Arts Residency in Fergus Falls, MN, and in June, will have work featured in Intersectionality of Inquiry, an exhibition of installation artists curated by Sarah Castillo at Clamp Light Gallery in San Antonio. Laura currently lives and works in Austin, Texas.


2019     Niche Construction, solo exhibition opens May 23, Dimension Gallery, Austin TX
2019     Intersectionality of Inquiry, opens June 14, Clamp Light Gallery, San Antonio TX
2018     The Femme Abstract, 1300 East 5th Street, Austin TX
2018     Untitled (house), Diane and Browne Goodwin Collection, Illinois State Museum, Lockport
2018     Seasons of Fruition, 2019/2020 Fellowship Artists, Dimension Gallery, Austin TX
2018     Hinge Arts Residency, Fergus Falls MN
2018     Dangerous Professors // Houston, Flatland Gallery, Houston TX
2017     Thereafter, solo exhibition/site-specific installation, Cloud Tree Gallery, Austin TX
2017     Sculp-chur, Dimension Gallery, Austin TX
2016     Synapse, solo exhibition, Julia C. Butridge Gallery, Austin TX
2016     Disparate Mythos: Women of Sculpture, Dimension Gallery, Austin TX
2016     Dispersal, solo exhibition/site-specific installation, Box 13 ArtSpace, Houston TX2016
2015     Crossing Lines: Austin, TX, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, IN

Artist Interview (video clip)
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