Artist Statement


As we navigate an increasingly saturated world on a relentless quest for contacts, the very experiences
we crave are often lost in the confusion. A growing need for instant gratification is eroding our willingness
to look past the flamboyant for virtues hidden beneath the veneer of ordinary. The strict adherence to
a daily hustle prevents notice of fleeting sidetracks for discovery. Contemplation of these societal
contradictions informs my current body of work.

Inspiration is found by examining the arcane, overlooked, discarded and non-traditional while determining ways
to employ for renewed or unexpected purposes. Interconnected layers of textures and multiples – referencing
man-made industry, communication methods, and biological processes – build complex compositions that feel
familiar yet somehow alien. The aim is to address the delicate balance between construction-destruction,
contemplate the potential for unnatural evolution, and discuss the world we intend to pass forward.