Artist Statement

Despite warnings of impending environmental catastrophe, we rarely discuss potential outcomes. Will our abundance of flora and fauna cease to exist, as apocalyptic scenarios imply? Can they eventually rebound in their familiar forms? Or, will we witness an unnatural evolution? My current work considers humanity’s footprint on the planet, strange ways detritus could serve as means for survival, and what remaining fragments of nature we may come to cherish.

Repurposed artworks and personal ephemera create a philosophical framework for abstracted landscapes. Commonplace materials become proxy for distant cousins – resources of plant and animal origin exploited to fulfill our constant demand for new. Structures built primarily from discards, groupings of multiples, and biomorphic elements form complex ecosystems using our human ruins as infrastructure. Small sculptural works evoke a sense of reverence, satisfying a desire for alternative spiritual icons to represent the peculiarities of regeneration. Paintings based on systems of organization examine our need to impose order upon the planet as we reap the bounty of our surroundings. The intent is to open a discussion of the world that we, as current inhabitants, intend to pass forward.