Exhibitions: May-July 2019

Niche Construction: May 23-June 22

Sculpture for Niche Construction by Laura Latimer

In ecological terms, niche refers to the fit of a species to certain environmental conditions. Niche Construction is the process by which an organism physically modifies an environment or moves to another habitat that better suits its needs. This mode of adaptation can subsequently alter the established evolutionary dynamic. As humans cut deeper into our natural world, how might that disrupt cycles of biological change? What if our growing dependence on electronic impulses aids in the rise of new life forms? This solo exhibition of sculpture, photography, and installation contemplates the possibilities.

Opening reception: Thursday, May 23, 7-10 pm
Dimension Gallery
979 Springdale, Suite 99 • Austin, TX 78702
Public gallery hours: Thurs-Sat, noon-6pm
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Photography for Niche Construction by Laura Latimer

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Insectionality of Inquiry: June 14-July 6

Opening Friday, June 14
Clamp Light Artist Studios and Gallery
1704 Blanco Road, San Antonio, TX 78212

This group exhibition of small to medium scale installations aim to emphasize or deconstruct levels of intimacy, “spiritual symbiosis”, and learned behaviors. Other featured artists include: Ana Lucia Carbajal, Audrya Flores, Carly Garza, Abby Sherrill, and Jasmine Zelaya. Look for updated programming details here when available.